6 Smart Tips to Make Your Kids More Healthy

Most of the kids don’t like to eat healthy food because it doesn’t taste so well. On the other hand they love junk food most because of its amazing taste with minimum health benefits. But eating junk food will not make kids healthy rather it can fell negative effect on health. As a responsible parent you may don’t want to see them sick or unhealthy. So, you have to feed them healthy food at any cost and follow some other smart tips to keep them fit as well.

Why You Need to Keep Your Kids Healthy?

Kids are very sensitive and they are prone to any disease very easily as their capability of disease prevention is less than adults. They can fall sick fast if anything wrong happened to their daily routine. And you may don’t want any unexpected situation regarding your baby. So, it’s very necessary to keep your kids healthy and fit as well.

#1. Make a Proper Eating Habit 

For children, eating habit plays a very important role on their health. You have to make a chart of healthy food that is applicable from dawn to dusk. Make sure that he is having 3 times meal in a day properly. You can give him some light snacks in the evening. Timing of each meal is a major issue for keeping kids healthy.

#2. Avoid Restriction on Foods

Always keep your dining table full of delicious and healthy foods. It can be fruits or other foods also. And don’t restrict them to eat any food. Remember, all the foods need to be nutritious and healthy. Let them eat whatever they like. It will increase their craving for foods.

#3. Praise Kids Healthy Choices

Always praise your kids healthy choices like foods or other physical activities. Like, when he choose any healthy food praise him so that he maintains his healthy choice always. Again it is also applicable for physical activities like when he plays, swims or bicycling then don’t forget to praise so that he can continue.

#4. Sleep Deprivation is Harmful

Sleep is an unavoidable factor that is more necessary for kids than adults. Kids need about 10-12 hours sleep in a day. So, make sure that your child is getting proper slumber. Deprivation of sleep can make your kids weak and cause different sleep related problems. It’s really very harmful for them.

#5. Limit Refined Sugar or Carbs in Kids Diet

We all know that added or refined sugar is harmful for our health. Think about one thing that if can be harmful for adults then how it can react in kid’s body. You should also avoid high carb foods for kids.

#6. Reduce Tv, Game and Computer Time

Source: pbs.org

Nowadays it becomes a great problem for little kids. They are passing most of their time playing video games or watching tv which is consequently affecting their night sleep. So, you must limit their recreation time with electronic gadgets. It’ll not only good for their sleep but also keep their eyes secure.

At last, make a proper daily routine for your children including meal, playtime, snacks, reading etc. If you can follow a proper routine for them, it’ll not remain so difficult to make them healthy.