7 Tips that will Help Your Baby to Have a Better Nap

Image Source: parenting.com

Watching jumping or babbling a baby seems to be very cute and adorable. But things not remain so cute when they don’t want to nap or take a short nap. Parents actually go crazy and in a cranky mood. How to make their nap more consistent and longer is a common question among most of the parents. As well as baby you need rest also and it can be around 1 hour. However, it’s not fare if they wake up between 30 to 45 minutes! So, it has become a serious issue nowadays. Though catnaps are common in newborn babies you can make their nap longer by following our magic tactics. Let’s explore together.

Make a Sleepy Environment

It’s really very important to make your babies room sleep friendly while thinking of his naptime. Make sure that all the lights are turned off and maintain pin drop silence because daytime nap and night time sleep is different. Nap generally is not so deep as night sleep. So, there is a chance of your babies waking up if the phone rings, dog barks or TV opens. You must keep his room free from all kinds of troubles.

Be Aware of Sleep Patterns

Well, you must need to know about your babies sleep patterns. Because it’ll fell an adverse effect if you try to give him nap when he doesn’t want to. Again the result will be same if you give him sleep when he is overtired. So, first you need to aware of the timing of your infants sleep schedule. If he takes nap at the right time it’ll help him to stay asleep for a longer time.

Make a Pre-Nap Routine: Another important thing is to make a pre-nap schedule. It means to prepare your little one for having a better nap. You can sing a song to him or read a story-book right before naptime and lying on the bed. It’ll help you to grab his attention from other activities and it’s really effective to make sleepy fast.

Offer a Meal or Snacks Before Nap

It’s the time for your baby’s rapid growth. So, you must offer him a small meal or other snacks before taking nap. It’ll help him to get a consistent longer nap and he’ll not wake up early out of hunger. So, always keep some cookies or formulas right before hand so that you can give it to them easily.

Avoid Screen Light Right Before Nap

TV screen light, computer screen’s light, mobile or tab all these lights are very much harmful for your baby before naptime. It puts hindrance to his sleep and distracts his mind. It doesn’t let him take nap fast. So, turn off TV screen and avoid giving phone or tab to him when it’s time for his nap.  

Avoid Early Morning And Evening Nap

You must avoid your child’s early morning and evening time nap. It’s before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m. Don’t let your kids sleep during this time. It’ll dismiss his original night time sleep schedule. If he wakes up before 8 a.m. in the morning then it’s ok and don’t force him to sleep. And again if he wants to sleep after 6 p.m. don’t let him sleep.

White Noise Makes Nap Longer

You may be familiar with the “White Noise”. It was occurred when TV channels signal were gone. Yes, that boring sound. But do you know that it’s really very effective to make your babies nap longer? It is such a sound system that is comfortable to the babies and they like it. So, if you play a MP3 White Noise sound or buy a White Noise Machine it’ll help your baby to nap longer.

Finally, it’s really a challenging task to give kids a better and longer nap. But you can follow these simple tricks to make their nap better than before. It’s vey important for their health to have a better nap.