Best Baby Pillow that Helps to Prevent Flat Head

Best Baby PillowNowadays, flat head syndrome has become a common problem in infants. Though it can be recoverable, but your babies may need to wear an expensive uncomfortable helmet for a few months. It’ll be so hard for them as they are too small and super sensitive. However, there is a smart way to prevent flat head syndrome in infants and that is using best baby pillow. Some newly emerged manufacturer has invented these pillows to prevent this problem in newborn babies. Let’s see some of the pillows for baby flat head as these are doctor recommended.

What is Flat Head Syndrome?

When any one side of baby’s head goes flat or occurs flat spots, it is commonly known as “Flat Head Syndrome”. Two conditions of these problems are popularly found, one is brachycephaly and the other one is plagiocephaly. When baby’s head flatten from backside then it is called brachycephaly and if head flattens from side areas then it is called plagiocephaly. But the good news is that plagiocephaly corrects itself with the passes of time and bad news is brachycephaly doesn’t correct itself. And if it once occurs then you may need to expense a lot of money to recover it. That’s why it’s always better to use a baby pillow to prevent both of the conditions.

What Causes it?

Newborn babies spend most of the time lying down in a day. It creates a lot of pressure on their side and back. Research has found that in most cases backside of the head flattens as it is popular sleeping position of babies. Newborn babies head is so soft and if they sleep on a firm mattress and on the same spot then the probability of flat head syndrome increases. But a good infant pillow can save your baby from having this problem.

Mimos Baby Pillow

By being a premium quality pillow it has gained the satisfaction of parents. But its price is almost 3 times more than other best baby pillows out there. And obviously it is also 3 times better in preventing flat head as it has a unique special design that distributes head weight proportionally. It provides 4x less pressure on the skull of your baby as it distributes pressure also. You can easily use it in a crib, bouncer, stroller or pram. Another advantage is that it is machine washable which will help you to keep it clean. There is nothing to worry about babie’s skin as it is chemical free.

BabyMoon Pillow

This donut shaped pillow is specially designed for newborn infants to provide proper support to their head and neck. Since its two arms are connected, it limits the movement of baby’s head that doesn’t create extra pressure on the skull. Though it is not so fluffy, its fabric is so soft that makes the infants feeling comfortable. This 100% plush polyester pillow is manufactured in the USA with machine washable feature. It’s design and features approved by moms. So, nothing to worry!

Clevamama Foam Baby Pillow

In a reasonable price you’ll get a luxurious pillow for your little one that is able to provide superior comfort and support. This is made with Cleavafoam that is scientifically proven foam to prevent flat head syndrome. It has ventilation holes that reduced heat retention. It also provides a restful night’s sleep by relieving pressure joints. Its breathable and hypoallergenic fabric increases airflow by wicking away moisture. The removable and machine washable zippered cover will protect your baby’s skin as well. It is suitable for newborn babies and toddlers. It’s very soft, gentle and has a perfect size.

Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow

Being a 100% eco-friendly organic cotton pillow it takes care of your infant’s health. Naturally hypoallergenic polyester filling is really good for baby’s sensitive skin. It is designed in such a way that supports head properly to prevent flat head. The double-sided design offers the advantage of sleeping on both sides. It has also come up with different animal shaped design that is so adorable. It can be used during diaper change, breastfeeding or on the play mat. Again the manufacturer is providing 100% satisfaction guarantee. And if you are dissatisfied the company will give you a full refund. It is hand wash recommended and for washing in machine use gentle cycle.

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support Tiny Triangles

With the unique patented cut design it relives pressure and cradles baby’s head by providing maximum comfort. It helps to prevent the plagiocephaly condition of flat head syndrome in babies. Its generous padding is covered with fashionable print fabric that provides all types of comfort. This pillow is made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton that is suitable to use from 0+ ages. The dimension and weight is absolutely perfect for infants. And you can easily keep it hygienic, as it is machine washable. It is usable in stroller, bouncer or at the time of relaxing in swing.


It is an advise for all the parents out there to choose the right baby pillow for infants. Since sleep related problems are acute in babies, it’s important to know the uses of pillows also. As they are too small as well as their head you can also consult with pediatrician about using baby pillow for flat head. Check before purchasing whether it can be used in cribs or not. So, be careful and select the right one.