How to Keep Your Baby Calm at the Time of Crying

It is normal for babies to cry since they communicate through crying. They express all their feelings through it like fear, hunger, pain, sleep and so on. But it can be tricky for you to understand what they are actually trying to tell you. So, there are some certain reasons why they and when they cry. In this article we will lead you through some points will help you calm down your baby while crying. And we think every mother should know these basic tips.

Way to Keep Your Baby Calm at the Time of Crying

Feeling Hungry

This is the most common reason of babies crying. Since newborns are fully dependent on milk, they feel hunger very often. So, you need to realize their feeding time and how often they eat. You’ll also be to understand by noticing some signs like lip smacking, licking hands, fussing etc. If you once get the time and sign then you’ll be able to meet up their need and calm them down at the time of crying. So, try to notice your baby’s signs and try to understand what they are actually trying to say.

Stomach Ache due to Gas

Ache in the tummy due to gas can lead your baby lots of crying. When you will see that your infant has started crying right after being fed or don’t want to eat only crying, then probably he is facing tummy troubles. This crying may lead at least three hours at a time and can continue up to three weeks! It really makes your baby weak. In this case, you can give anti-gas drops made for infants only and try gripe water made from herbs and sodium bicarbonate. Since it is a proven method, you’ll be able to calm down him. And if it doesn’t work then consult with doctors as soon as possible.

Good Sleep Routine

Providing sufficient sleep to your babies is very important. They need to sleep 12-16 hours in a day. If they don’t get proper sleep they will disturb you all day long. And again if you try to make them sleepy when they don’t want to sleep, here another problem occurs. So, the first thing you need to do is to build up a good sleeping schedule so that they don’t get sleep deprived. It’ll help you a lot to keep them in a good mood without crying. So, be careful about it.

Unable to Burp

When infant’s breastfeed or bottle-feed they tend to swallow air and if they don’t burp it out they feel so much uncomfortable. And due to this fish out of water situation they start crying. To solve this problem you need to help them to burp. You have to hold your baby upright or make his sit and rub his back constantly. It’ll help him to burp and stop crying. Please remember one thing that it is mandatory for your baby to burp after feeding milk and it’ll ease any kinds of discomforts.

Feeling Too Hot or Cold

This can be another reason of crying. When your little one feel too hot or too cold they start crying to express their feeling. And they don’t stop until you fulfill their demand. So, in winter and summer season take extra care for your baby. It is normal to cover them up but don’t put so many layers of cloth on them that they start sweating. Always keep them in those situations that are needed to stop their crying.

Lastly, dealing with babies is difficult but reading their mind and expression is hard nut to crack. Still as a mother you have to handle them carefully so that they don’t get hurt. Always try to keep the above-mentioned things on mind and hopefully, you’ll be able to keep your baby calm at the time of crying.