Is Markers Ink Safe for Baby’s Skin? What to Do!

markers ink baby skin
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Marker is a very essential item in our daily life especially in the school, college and office. While using, it is a common scenario that your hand will get painted by it either intentionally or unintentionally. Nowadays people are also making temporary tattoos using sharpie markers.

But the case is different for babies as their skin texture is totally different from adult persons and it’s too much sensitive. However, you’ll notice that while playing babies are also drawing on their skin with markers. They are often intended to put art materials inside their mouth which is really a matter of concern. Sometimes you won’t be able to recognize your own children!

Anyway, have you ever wondered that how much it can affect your child’s body or skin? Maybe not. Then keep reading this article.

Marker and Your Baby’s Skin

Though the brand Sharpie claimed that their markers are non-toxic, it is not safe for your babies skin at all. The company itself recommends not using the marker as eyeliner, making temporary tattoos or doing body art. The main reason is if the marker ink anyhow mixes with your child’s bloodstream through indigestion or inhalation then skin problem may occur as there are different types of chemicals inside it. Among all the chemicals xylene is the dangerous one that can hamper your baby’s nervous system and damage organs.

The main reason of ink poisoning is the solvent, though some people think it’s because of the pigment. Now you may have understand that how much harmful the sharpie for your babies skin. So, please keep all your markers away from your little ones hand and don’t allow them to play with it. It can be life taking so be careful in this regard.

Removing Marker from Skin

If your baby draws on his skin with marker without your acknowledgement then after seeing him the first thing you have to do is to remove it from his skin immediately. For removing marker from skin there are different ways you can follow. source

1. Grain alcohol

It is known as the most effective of all the methods. Just take a cotton pad and add a little amount of grain alcohol on it. Then rub the affected area for a few minutes and then rinse it. Repeat the method as much as needed.

2. Hand sanitizer

It is another effective and cheap method as hand sanitizer is available in everybody’s home. Just put a generous amount of sanitizer directly on the inked area and then rub with a cotton pad or clean cloth for 2-3 minutes. You’ll notice that the stain has faded than before after one use. Then again use it in the same way to get best result.

3. Nail polish remover

As nail polish remover contains alcohol, it really helps to remove permanent marker stain as well. So, soak a cotton ball inside nail polish remover and then rub the stain properly. Hopefully, with one effort the ink mark will go away.

4. Hairspray

Using hairspray can be effective in this regard but always avoid acetone-based hairspray to remove ink from skin as it is harmful for your baby’s sensitive skin. You just need to directly spray it on the spot and wait for a few seconds until the area is wet properly. Then rub it with clean cloth or tissue and you’ll see the magic. 

Final Words

Always try to keep markers out of children reach, as by going through this article you’ve known that there are so many side effects using it on skin. And inhaling and ingestion can be more dangerous. So, as a responsible parent, don’t give markers or any other inked pen to your child for playing.