Do You Know Why Toddlers Fight on Bed to Sleep?

Most of the parents complain that their babies don’t want to sleep at night and some of them say that they don’t even get their babies on the bed at night. Maybe you are also facing these types of issues.

But before solving those issues you first need to find out the actual reasons of not sleeping. Once you find the reasons, it’ll be easier for you to solve them. This article is all about it and here we’ll show you some major problems and how to solve them easily. Let’s have a look.

Most common reasons for sleep fighting

  • Body Overheating: Maximum parents do one thing that while sleeping they cover their babies with 2-3 layers of clothes. And at some point they start sweating, feel uncomfortable and wake up crying. So, it can be a reason that due to overheating your little one is struggling. 
  • Uncomfortable Bedding: Another major reason can be the mattress and pillow on which your toddler is sleeping. Bedding materials must need to comfortable for giving them a peaceful night’s sleep. 
  • Baby isn’t Tired Enough: We feel sleepy when we get tired and this is true for your toddler also. But if he doesn’t get that much tired then there is no chance of sleeping on your wish.

Things to Do for Taking them on the Bed

Maintaining Sleep Schedule

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to maintain daily routine properly and if needed re-arrange your schedule. It’ll give your child a restriction and after doing the same thing for some days it’ll form into a habit and he will also feel sleepy with you. So, maintaining schedule is very important. Otherwise, it’s not possible to get them on the bed at the same time regularly. 

Use Comfortable Bedding

Another prerequisite of taking them on bed and giving them sound sleep is to use comfortable mattress and pillows. It’ll really help them to have a comfortable slumber through the night and if your bedding is comfortable then you’ll see that your child is sleeping on their own when the time comes. So, change your bedding accessories today bring a new comfortable one.

Create Sleep Environment

Bedroom environment really plays a vital role on how your sleep would be. So, make a proper sleepy environment so that your baby cannot make any excuses. For this you must need to dim all the lights at least 1 hour before bedtime and turn off all the electronic screens at least 1 hour before bedtime. By doing so you’ll send a signal to your child’s brain that the time of sleep has come. And within sometime you’ll see that they have lain on the bed. 

Adjust Feeding Time

You must need to feed your baby at least 1 hour before bedtime. If you feed them just right before the sleep time then it may create stomachache, as the food will not be able to posses properly. So, feed them accordingly and try not to wake them up at midnight for feeding. It really hampers the quality of their sleep and put a great hindrance. 

Connect them Before Sleep

Connecting with them before bedtime is very essential as it makes them tired and helps them to interact with you. However, for this you can play with them different fun activities like pillow fighting or you can even read them a story or sing a lullaby. It’ll make them fall asleep fast and if necessary hug him and kiss on their forehead. 

All of these are really very effective and you can also try it out for your own benefits. You’ll not get disappointed at all and your toddler will also stop fighting on going to the bed.